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How to get a copy of my EPC Certificate

An EPC certificate is something you need to have by law when you build, sell, or rent a property. It tells people who might want to buy or rent the property how energy efficient it is. But where can you find a copy of your EPC certificate? In this article, we'll talk about how you can get a copy of your EPC certificate, what kind of information it has, and why it's important.

What is an EPC?

Let's start by understanding what an EPC certificate is. An EPC certificate, which stands for Energy Performance Certificate, is a document that gives ratings for how energy-efficient a property is. It assesses the energy efficiency of the entire property, including aspects like heating and insulation.

The ratings are given using letter grades, ranging from A to G. A higher rating, such as an A, means that the property is more energy-efficient. On the other hand, a lower rating, like a G, indicates lower energy efficiency.

In addition to the ratings, the EPC certificate also provides recommendations on how to enhance the energy efficiency of the property. This means it suggests ways to make the property more eco-friendly and reduce energy consumption.

What is the importance of having an EPC Certificate?

If you want to sell your property in the UK, you must have an EPC Certificate. This certificate provides details about how energy efficient your home is and remains valid for 10 years. Having an EPC Certificate is important because it makes your property more appealing to potential buyers by showing them how energy efficient it is.

When do I need an EPC Certificate?

As a Landlord, you must have an EPC Certificate before you can put your property up for sale. This certificate lasts for 10 years, so you don't need to get a new one unless you make important changes to the property that could impact its energy efficiency.

How to get a copy of my EPC Certificate 

If you want a copy of your EPC certificate, there are a few steps to follow. First, reach out to the company that conducted your initial assessment. They should be able to provide you with a duplicate of the certificate. In case you can't reach them or they're no longer in business, try contacting the assessor whose details are mentioned on the certificate.

If you still can't obtain your certificate, don't worry. You have the option to request a new assessment from an authorized energy assessor. Once you receive the new certificate, remember to keep it in a secure place for easy access in the future.

Can you fail an EPC assessment for your property?

For rental properties, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessment requires a minimum rating of E. If your property does not meet the required standards, you would need to make improvements to pass the assessment.

When will I receive my EPC certificate?

After the EPC assessment, your EPC assessor will send you the certificate by mail within a few days. This certificate provides information about your property's energy performance and remains valid for 10 years. However, if you make significant improvements to your property before the 10-year mark, it's advisable to obtain an updated EPC certificate. Having a higher EPC rating can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price.

What will the EPC assessor examine?

The EPC assessor will inspect various aspects of your house. They will consider the age, floor area, and type of your house. They will also assess the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, the assessor will look for any visible building defects like cracks, leaks, or signs of dampness.

The EPC assessor will check the insulation in your home to ensure it is sufficient. They will examine the insulation levels in different areas, such as under the floors and around the windows. The assessor will also check if you have installed any extra insulation in walls or ceilings to prevent heat loss during colder months.

The EPC assessor will evaluate how airtight your home is by conducting various measurements. These measurements may include the air pressure inside and outside your house, temperature fluctuations throughout the day, humidity levels indoors, and even external noise levels using a decibel meter. The assessor will also inspect for any leaks, such as from roofing materials or pipes, that could affect the airflow in your home.

The EPC assessor will carefully inspect your windows to determine their condition and suitability for your house. They will look for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or gaps, which may indicate a need for window replacement.

Get a professional to help you today!

If you want a copy of your EPC certificate in the UK, there are a few options. You can reach out to your energy provider or the company that conducted your EPC assessment. Another way is to request a copy from the National Energy Services website. Having your reference number handy will make it easier to obtain the certificate. Remember to keep the certificate in a secure place for future reference!

If you need a new EPC certificate for your property, consider hiring an expert Energy Assessor from Manchester EPC. You can easily compare prices and reviews to find the right professional who meets your requirements!