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Manchester EPC

Commercial EPCs from £144

Commercial EPCs for shop, office, warehouse, factory etc

What is a Commercial EPC?

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are energy surveys that assess if a building or commercial property is energy-efficient or not. Commercial EPC ratings start from G (which shows least energy efficient), up to A which indicates most energy-efficient building possible.

  • Valid for 10 years
  • Call, text or Order online
  • Report emailed within 24 hours
  • Accepted by Estate Agents, Banks and Solicitors
  • Free unlimited advice if your property falls below "E" rating


Shops / Offices and Warehouses

Who needs a commercial EPC?

A non-domestic EPC will be necessary for you:

  • When You rent or sell the premises,
  • When you build a Commercial property

When is a commercial EPC not required?

Commercial EPC is not required when:
  • Buildings mainly used as places of worship
  • Temporarily built structures with a lifetime of fewer than 2 years
  • Industrial and agricultural areas with low heating demand.
  • Standalone buildings with a floor space of less than 50sqm
  • Protected buildings allocated for the environment or historical reason

Commercial EPC Assessors in Manchester

Manchester EPC specializes in providing Commercial EPCs for over 6 years. We offer quick and reliable services at the best price available out there with no hidden charges. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be used to sell or let your residential or commercial property and are valid for 10 years. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be used to sell or let your residential or commercial property and are valid for 10 years. No quotations or lengthy procedure, simply fill the Order form or text your property details to 07872314115, pay cash to the assessor, bank transfer or online via Paypal website.

Sq ft Sq meter Price Order
0 - 540 ft2 0 - 50 m2 £144 Select
541 - 1070 ft2 51 - 100 m2 £180 Select
1070 - 1610 ft2 101 - 150 m2 £228 Select
1610 - 2150 ft2 151 - 200 m2 £264 Select
2150 - 2690 ft2 201 - 250 m2 £312 Select
2690 - 3230 ft2 251 - 300 m2 £360 Select
3230 - 3770 ft2 301 - 350 m2 £408 Select
3770 - 4300 ft2 351 - 400 m2 £456 Select
4300 - 4850 ft2 401 - 450 m2 £504 Select
4850 - 5400 ft2 451 - 500 m2 £552 Select
5400+ ft2 500+ m2 Please call us! Select
Manchester EPC

EPC is:
  • Valid for 10 years
  • Used for selling property
  • Used for letting property
  • Required for advertising on websites such as Rightmove/Zoopla
  • Required at the time of completion
Manchester EPC offers:
  • Same day appointments
  • Report emailed within 24 hours
  • Local assessor (no middleman)

Manchester EPC

Manchester EPC
Manchester EPC

Manchester EPC
Energy Performance Certificate Services

Cinque Terre

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when a building is built, sold or put up for rent. If you are a landlord or homeowner and need to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) this will need to be completed by an accredited domestic energy assessor. They will carry out the assessment and produce the certificate. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) give information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

What does the EPC say about the property?

An Energy Performance Certificate gives clear information about the energy performance of a property. An EPC will also make recommendations about how the property could improve it’s energy performance.

How long does it take to perform an EPC assessment?

An assessment takes anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 hour for a domestic EPC and a couple of hours to a couple of days for a Commercial EPC depending upon the size of the commercial property. Factors such as the size of the property, it’s age and general access to it, will have an influence on the time. Generally, an energy assessment won’t cause much inconvenience but, it’s important that the energy assessor can get access to any loft space and heating appliances (e.g. a boiler). An internal and external inspection of the property is also required for a certificate.

What is an energy assessor looking for?

  • Noting the construction of the walls and checking wall insulation.
  • Confirming how many windows are double glazed.
  • Counting the number of open fireplaces.
  • Checking the make and model of the boiler under EU SEDBUK regulations.
  • Looking for green energy devices such as solar panels.
  • Counting the number of low energy light bulbs.
  • Confirming the type of heating system used e.g. gas, electric, underfloor etc.
  • Noting down the type of material used to insulate any hot water cylinders.
  • Assessing the heat loss through roof, check loft insulation.
  • Checking for excessive window area in larger houses.
  • Taking precise measurements of conservatories and extensions.
  • Counting how many habitable rooms are heated.
  • What is the procedure once the assessor has visited?

    Once the assessor has visited property, the information is uploaded onto the Government authorized software. A certificate is produced and emailed to the customer within 24 hours after the payment is received.